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EU PS Store Starts Apocalyptic Sale, Get Up To 50% Off on Far Cry 3, Dead Space, and More

PS Plus member get 10% more apocalypse


Visceral Games’ “Exciting New IP” Could be an FPS

Awesome, because we don’t have enough of those…

dead space co-op header

First Dead Space Tried Co-op Late in Development

Are two heads better than one?

Visceral Games Prepares For “Bold New IP”

The talented developer behind the successful Dead Space franchise is getting ready to create a new IP.

EA CEO Talks Dead Space 3

It’s a well know fact that EA’s original Dead Space didn’t quiteRead the full article…

Xperia Play Already Has A Growing Library

The Xperia Play has already been announced, but there have been manyRead the full article…


Dead Space 2 Sales Figures Impress

There is no doubt that fans of the survival horror genre hadRead the full article…

Visceral Games Interested in a Potential Dead Space 3

Dead Space 2 may still be a couple of months away, butRead the full article…

ESRB Ignites the PSN Prequel to Dead Space 2

You gotta hand it to the ESRB. Their job is to first: Play a game early before anyone else and second, tell you, the potential customer, about the game’s ‘rating’ in regard to the maturity content, level of blood, or just some crazy oddball facts. The best part? They’re often hilarious and are worth a good chuckle every now and then. The ESRB has rated the PSN ‘prequel’ to Dead Space 2, Dead Space: Ignition.

If These Dead Space 2 Multiplayer & Pre-Order Details Don’t ‘Ignite’ your Interest, What Will?

Since the day EA and Visceral Games unleashed the first details regarding Dead Space 2, fans have been wondering how the gameplay for the Multiplayer portion of the game is going to work. Thanks to the GameStop manager expo, details has trickled out, along with some mighty fine Pre-oder incentatives and if this doesn’t make you want to run out and pre-order Dead Space 2 ASAP, I’m not sure what will.

Dead Space 3 a Possibility, But Only if Gamers Want It

Of all the new original IPs EA has created and published so far this generation of consoles, none have been more popular or highly respected than Visceral Game’s Dead Space franchise. Released in late 2008, Dead Space went on to sell over 2 million copies, received a prequel game (for the Wii) in Dead Space: Extraction, received a comic book mini, action figures, and various other products related to the series. Dead Space 2 doesn’t hit until 2011, but that didn’t stop anyone from asking about Dead Space 3. Even IF Isaac doesn’t survive the sequel, the future is bright for this young franchise.