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BioWare: It Would be “Silly” to Not Give a Choice About Sexual Orientation in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Reaction has been “mostly positive,” says Cameron Lee.

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BioWare: All Difficulty in Dragon Age: Inquisition is “Tougher” Than Origins

“Definitely tougher” than Dragon Age 2.

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EA CEO: The Highest Reviewed Games Get the Balance of Innovation & Polish Right

That’s why they decided to delay Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield: Hardline.

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BioWare Claims the “Key is Not to Have a Cap” on Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Max Level

You will stop levelling at some point but it’s a “soft cap.”


Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer Detailed: No Item Trading, Won’t Affect Your Single-Player Campaign, & More

There will be in-game purchases.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Have Co-Op Multiplayer, to be Paywall-Free

Free DLC for everyone.


Here are the Most Surprising Moments of gamescom 2014

See what announcements and non-announcements surprised as the most!

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gamescom 2014: EA Releases New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer and Gameplay Demo (Update)

These enemies are no joke!

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EA Showing Battlefield: Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisiton and “More” at Gamescom

Shadow Realms will most likely be revaled.


Dragon Age Keep Delayed Until October 2014

You can apply for the beta right now though.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Combat Trailer Gives Us a Peek of Multi-Faceted Fighting

How will you play Dragon Age: Inquisition?


Dragon Age: Inquisition Release Date Delayed

Thankfully, you’ll still be able to play it in 2014.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Series Part Two Shows “The Redcliffe Castle”

Dangerous enemies await you in this new trailer.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Series Kicks Off With Part One: The Hinterlands

16-minutes of action awaits you…


BioWare Reveals First “Fully Gay” Male Character in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The first legitimately gay character is set to appear in Drag Age: Inquisition. Find out who he is.


Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 2014 Gameplay Preview – Tactical Dragon Combat (PS4)

Exotic mounts confirmed!


Dragon Age: Inquisition is “Done,” Next Few Months Will be Spent Fixing Bugs

Check out some new gameplay inside.


Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. Voicing “Iron Bull” in Dragon Age: Inquisition

From Mass Effect to Dragon Age…


Dragon Age: Inquisition “Stand Together” E3 Trailer Introduces Us to the Cast

Stand together or fall.


BioWare Shows Off New Gameplay Footage of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Brand new gameplay footage of Dragon Age: Inquisition was shown off atRead the full article…