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New Gal Gun Game

New Gal Gun Game Will be Playable at TGS 2017

New Gal Gun at TGS!

Gal Gun: Double Peace Worldwide Sales Top 100k, International Reception Exceeds Expectations

Localization Director reveals how he brought the project to life.

$90 Gal Gun: Double Peace DLC Lets You See Through Clothes Instantly (Update)

Looks like PlayStation UK isn’t happy with the DLC and isn’t selling it.

Gal Gun: Double Peace Production Mistake Puts ‘E for Everyone’ Label on the Box

There won’t be a recall.

Gal Gun: Double Peace Release Date Delayed to August 2 for PS4 & PS Vita

Europe gets it a few days earlier.

Gal Gun: Double Peace PS4 & PS Vita Release in North America & Europe Confirmed for 2016

Prepare your bodies!

Gal Gun: Double Peace Set for Worldwide Release on PS4 & PS Vita

Inti Creates is looking for a publisher.

2 New Gal Gun: Double Peace Trailers; Demo on Japanese PSN

Not to be confused with double PIECE, which is what I usually think of when I hear “gun.”

Gal Gun Double Peace Has Dragon Quest-Inspired Mini Game on PS4, Touchscreen Crap on Vita

Plus token images of gals & guns.

Gal Gun Double Peace Opening Movie

Reach for your piece to keep the peace.

Gal Gun PS4/Vita Sequel Coming – 27 Screenshots

Count how many times I say “of course.”