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Grand theft Auto 6 release date 1

Report: Grand Theft Auto VI Teased for 2019 Release in GTA Online, or Is It Just a Clever Hack?

Article offered with a big grain of salt.

GTA Online update madrazo dispatch services

This Week’s GTA Online Update Includes Madrazo Dispatch Services, New Vehicles, and More

Mr. Madrazo has a mission for you. Are you a bad enough dude to accept?

gta online nightclub dlc

Report: GTA Online to Add Nightclub DLC With Next Update

Are you ready to run a new business?

Grand Theft Auto V Sales

Grand Theft Auto V Hits Mammoth Number, Sky is Also Blue

When will this ride end?

gta online money

In-Game Cash Freebies and Refunds Announced for GTA Online Players

‘Tis the tax season!

gta online money

GTA Online Saw the Highest Number of Players in December 2017 Since Launch

2017 was GTA Online’s “biggest” year.

gta online holiday update

GTA Online Update Adds New Car, Snowfall, and Free Gifts

Prepare to hurl snowballs.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Update 1.26 Patch Notes

GTA Online Doomsday Heist Coming Soon, Watch a Trailer

An “unlikely” alliance.

gta online sale

GTA Online Black Friday Weekend Sale Discounts Vehicles, Bunkers, and More

Sale ends on the 27th.

GTA Online Transform Races

GTA Online Transform Races Coming This Month

Fly, drive, and even skydive!

GTA Online Update

Latest GTA Online Update Adds Howard NX-25, Double GTA$ Opportunities

Plus in-game sales!

What Does the Future Hold For Grand Theft Auto Online?

Four years after its initial launch, let’s trace GTA Online’s rise to superstardom.

GTA Online Update

Smuggler’s Run Update for Grand Theft Auto Online Arrives on August 29

Racing is getting updated this fall, and you can expect holiday celebrations after.

GTA V Players Activate Secret Alien Mission via Game Files as Single-Player DLC Reports Resurface

Some say the UFO was supposed to land in the single-player mode.

Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.40 on PS4, Xbox One & PC Today Adds Gunrunning Content

It’s over 2GB.

GTA Online’s Gunrunning Update Arrives on June 13

Official trailer offers a preview of what to expect.

Take-Two CEO Says The Company Is “Undermonetizing” Its Users

What do you think?

GTA Online Gets the “Massive” Gunrunning Update in June

Initial details revealed.

Grand Theft Auto Online Adds Top-Down Tiny Racers Mode Next Week

Today only, get 50% off Weed Farm Business and Business Upgrades.

GTA Online Now Offering Duke O’ Death and Previously Exclusive Items to All Players

The content was previously exclusive to returning players.