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Shahid Ahmad: Sports Interactive Director “Spent the First 15 Minutes Saying How Shit Vita Was”

“People say the indie revolution is only just beginning. It’s not. It’s over.”


Shahid Ahmad is Making Progress on JRPG Vita, Proposed a Deal for one of the Most Requested Vita Games

He never stops working.

PS4 and Controller

Shahid Ahmad: The PS4 is “So Spectacular, So Well Thought Out, So Powerful”

Ahmad believes there will be a “far greater number of indie games” on PS4, than on PS3.


Shahid Ahmad: “We Didn’t Announce Everything”, “Working Non-Stop on #JRPGVita”, “It’s Just the Beginning”

‘This is just the beginning’ sounds like a threat.


Ken Levine Talking to Sony and 2K About BioShock Vita, “Trying to Make a Match”

Never gonna happen.