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Gravity Rush Remastered Review – Defying Gravity (PS4)

Our Gravity Rush Remastered review will give you the skinny on Kat and Dusty’s gravity-shifting adventures as they appear in the newly-upgraded PS4 version.


Sony Interactive Entertainment Announced, Merges Sony Computer Entertainment & Sony Network Entertainment

This will power the next 20 years of PlayStation innovation.

Drawn to Death

Check Out 10 Minutes of David Jaffe’s Drawn to Death Gameplay

Coming this year.

uncharted 4 steelbook

Take a Closer Look at the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Steelbook

First look at the back cover.


Law Firm Files Letter of Protest Against Sony’s “Let’s Play” Trademark Application

They think Sony made a “shameless attempt.”


Driveclub February Update Will be Packed With Content, New Car Teased

More trophies incoming…


Sony Trademarks “VRPG” in Japan

Virtual Reality RPG?

Twisted metal black pS4

Twisted Metal: Black PS4 – PS2 on PS4 Revisited

You wished for PS4 backwards compatibility? This is Calypso granting it for you.

Dark Cloud PS4

Dark Cloud PS4 – PS2 on PS4 Revisited

A giant flying dog thing? Dark Cloud had The Last Guardian before it was cool.


Gravity Rush Remastered PS4 Vs. PS Vita Graphics Comparison Shows Great Attention to Detail

Bluepoint has done it again.


Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta in 60 Seconds

Yes, tuxedos and pelvic thrusts are included!


Naughty Dog to Hold Uncharted 4 Panel at PlayStation Experience 2015, Will Contain Minor Spoilers

You’ll get to meet some of the cast.


Bloodborne Update 1.07 Reportedly Includes Unannounced Tweaks

Now possible to parry with Augur of Ebrietas.


Gravity Rush Remastered Launching a Week Earlier Than Scheduled

February 2 it is.


Detroit: Become Human and the State of Interactive Drama Games

Press X to Kara.

Jak 3 HD and daxter

Naughty Dog: Don’t Hold Your Breath for New Jak and Daxter Game

“It just doesn’t feel right.”


Naughty Dog Explains Uncharted 4 Micro-Transactions, Says Nothing is Gated Off

It’ll help them to support the game longer.


PGW 2015: New Ratchet & Clank Pokitaru Gameplay Video Released

Beautiful tropical setting.