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Sony Bringing in a Lot of PlayStation Store Ads

And more ads are featured year-by-year.


Bloodborne’s Mysterious “Closed” Door Used to Be a Shortcut

It could be opened in the pre-release build.


Sony Revises Profit Forecast to Indicate Profitable PlayStation Division

Overall losses are not looking good, though.


Sony Easily Moves Past Microsoft in Revenue Ranking

Keep it up.


Someone Completed Bloodborne Using Only a Rock Band Guitar Controller

And it only took him nine hours.


MonsterBag Review – A Test of Patience (Vita)

Cute on the outside, dark on the inside.

Inventing an Icon - PaRappa the Rapper

Inventing an Icon – PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper established the rhythm genre and was an early example of Sony’s willingness to take creative risks. We take a look at what made him so special.

Last of Us 8 Bit

The Last of Us as an “8-Bit” Game Would Have Been Pretty Funky

Does contain plot spoilers!

Dragon's Dogma

Two New Dragon’s Dogma Online Classes Unveiled, Alpha Announced

Seekers and Sorcerers.


Report: Bloodborne Bug Results in Restricted Boss Movesets, Makes Game Easier

Occurs when the game runs for a long time.


Destiny of Spirits Fan Appreciation Campaign to Run Until Closure, Enjoy the Game One Last Time

A series of events has been announced.


Bloodborne Fully Completed Without Leveling Up Once, Official Soundtrack Out Soon

That’s just impressive.


Another Bloodborne Glitch Can Give You Unlimited Blood Echoes

Just run around a table a bunch of times.


Bloodborne Notes Can Apparently Save Your Life in More Ways Than One

They can restore your entire health bar!


Player Discovers Bloodborne Item Duplication Exploit

Unlimited blood echoes, blood stones.

ps4 bloodborne

Amazon Offering an Awesome PS4 Bloodborne Bundle for $400

This is a good one. Seriously.


MLB 15: The Show Trophy List Revealed, PS Vita Version to Have Seven Fewer Trophies

Only 19 Trophies to obtain on PS Vita.

mlb 15 the show

MLB 15: The Show Will Have Real-Time Dynamic Sun Positions and Shadows

The fields look nicer, too!

The Order 1886 Screenshot 2012

The Order: 1886 Still Looked Pretty Good Back in 2012

Lookin’ good!