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resistance game

Insomniac Says It Has ‘No Plans’ for Another Resistance Game

Seems it’ll be a long while before we see another Resistance game.

god of war secret

‘Final’ God of War Secret Discovered by Fans

So, everyone can read Nordic runes now, right?

PS4 cross-platform play issues

PS4 Cross-platform Block is About the Money, Said Ex-Sony Dev

Well, yeah, of course it was.

playstation e3 2018

Sony’s E3 Conference a Response to “Shallow” Conferences of the Past

From the start of the PlayStation E3 2018 briefing, it was clearRead the full article…

the last of us 2 gameplay

E3 2018: The Last of Us Part II Gets New, Ruthless Gameplay Footage

A much more ruthless Ellie.

PlayStation Offers a Vibrant Theme for Pride Month

Regardless of background, we’re all players.

Knack 2 commercial 2

Knack 2’s Commercial Will Get You Hyped

Are you ready for Knack to be back yet?

knack 2 gameplay

Latest Knack 2 Video Shows Off 20 Minutes of Co-Op

You know you want to watch it.

E3 2017 – Sony Has Announced a Shadow of the Colossus Remaster for PS4

Start the countdown.

Sony Releases Previously Unseen WipEout Concept Art With Interesting Insight Into Series

You can use these as awesome wallpapers!

Sony ForwardWorks’ First Mobile Game is Everybody’s Golf, Check Out a Trailer

ForwardWorks was set up to bring PlayStation games to mobile devices.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Wins Some More GOTYs

Mafia III and Inside among other winners.

Detroit: Become Human is More Complex Than Anything Quantic Dream Has Done Before

David Cage has just finished writing the script.

Super Stardust Ultra VR Review – Stargazing Into Oblivion (PSVR)

Mass destruction has never looked so glorious!

Tretton: PS Vita Came Out When People Felt Like They Didn’t Need a Dedicated Handheld

The former PlayStation boss weighs in on the Vita.

The Last of Us Voice Actress Would “Totally Jump on Board” for a Sequel

Part of her feels the story should be left alone though.

No Man’s Sky Guide: What’s in the Center of the Universe?

The world may never know!

No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Lower Your Wanted Level

Be very, very quiet…. I’m hunting Sentinels

No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Make Money Very Quickly

It’s your money and you deserve it now!

PlayStation Vue to Start Streaming NFL Network and NFL RedZone

Football fans get excited!