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Naughty Dog to Hold Uncharted 4 Panel at PlayStation Experience 2015, Will Contain Minor Spoilers

You’ll get to meet some of the cast.


Bloodborne Update 1.07 Reportedly Includes Unannounced Tweaks

Now possible to parry with Augur of Ebrietas.


Gravity Rush Remastered Launching a Week Earlier Than Scheduled

February 2 it is.


Detroit: Become Human and the State of Interactive Drama Games

Press X to Kara.

Jak 3 HD and daxter

Naughty Dog: Don’t Hold Your Breath for New Jak and Daxter Game

“It just doesn’t feel right.”


Naughty Dog Explains Uncharted 4 Micro-Transactions, Says Nothing is Gated Off

It’ll help them to support the game longer.


PGW 2015: New Ratchet & Clank Pokitaru Gameplay Video Released

Beautiful tropical setting.


Big DriveClub Update Releasing Next Week, Adds Private Lobbies and More

Braking assist options also coming.


PGW 2015: Ratchet and Clank PS4 Gameplay Video Shows Off Clank’s New Moves

It’s Clank’s turn to strut his stuff.

Horizon Zero Dawn Screen

New Horizon Zero Dawn Video Reveals Storyboards From the E3 2015 Trailer

Storyboard vs actual trailer.

Until Dawn Review 4

No Until Dawn DLC Currently in Development, Supermassive Working on Its Next Game

And lots more from Reddit AMA!


Sony: We Don’t Have Any First-Party PS Vita Games in Development, Focus Is on PS4

“Third-party companies are working hard on the PlayStation Vita.”


Druckmann and Straley Changed Uncharted 4’s Story Shortly After Becoming Co-Directors

That didn’t take long.

Uncharted Collection Review Header

Nolan North Says Fans Don’t Want an Uncharted Movie

“My opinion on this–from what I’ve heard from fans–is they don’t want a movie”


Nathan Drake’s Final Adventure in Uncharted 4 Will Be the “End of an Era” for Naughty Dog

It makes Neil Druckmann “a little bit sad.”


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS4 vs PS3 Video Shows Major Graphical Differences

Digital Foundry is at it again, this time taking a look atRead the full article…

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Could Be Getting Toys, Apparel, and More Next Year

Besides getting the chance to experience the colorful, lush world of HorizonRead the full article…


Yu Suzuki: Shenmue 3 “Could Do With a Bit More Money” to Improve Graphics

Despite raising over $6 million on Kickstarter.