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WipEout 2048 servers

Sony Announces WipEout 2048 Servers Are Set to Shut Down Next Year

Another game bites the dust.

Sony Releases Previously Unseen WipEout Concept Art With Interesting Insight Into Series

You can use these as awesome wallpapers!

Best First-Party Vita Games

Sony used to make some darn good Vita games!

PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Select First Party Titles From 1AM – 9AM PST on Tuesday, You Probably Won’t Care

What if I want to play Hustle Kings???

February 2013 EU PlayStation Plus Freebies Include Sleeping Dogs and Lumines: Electronic Symphony

This sleeping dog just won’t lie.

Former Sony Liverpool Dev on Seeing a New WipEout Game: “My Honest Answer is Probably Not”

Let’s hope he’s wrong!

WipEout 2048 – PS Vita E3 Preview

Yesterday, I had a chance to spend time with one of myRead the full article…

First NGP to PS3 Cross Platform Gameplay Shown, Wipeout NGP’s New Features Detailed Shown

With the NGP/Vita boasting near-PS3 graphics and an unprecedented processing power forRead the full article…

NGP Game Screens Leaked; Uncharted, Wipeout & More

When Sony announced the Next Generation Portable, one of the first gamesRead the full article…

Titles of Two WipEout Games Potentially Outed

Any smart corporation protects their intellectual properties. If you’re putting big bucksRead the full article…