Resistance 2 Game Night February 20th

Written by Adam 22610wolf1
PSLS is now up, feel free to join.
Get some R2 in before the KZ2

Once the 27th hits and everyone has Killzone 2 I doubt we will have much luck getting a R2 gamer night together. Come on out on Feb. 20th around 7pm EST we will be playing for a few hours so you guys on the west cost can come in later. Although I can not guarantee that there will be many people on that late, I will try and stay up till the last player leaves.

Last time worked out great and we had about 10 people . Let’s try and surpass that number this time. There will be games of both co-op and competitive styles, although once we get over 8 people we will only be doing competitive.

So be sure to come out and bring a head set before our lives are dominated by Killzone 2!

  • What Game: Resistance 2
  • When: February 20th, 7PM EST