Scavengers Fighting Over Rare PlayStation Home Items


Recently, major retailers and online retailers alike, have been giving away PlayStation Home costumes for pre-ordering. Such as a Reaper costume and Killzone 2 costume for pre-ordering inFAMOUS or Killzone 2 from Amazon. These items were limited, and people now seem to be fighting for the items’ redemption codes on the worldwide bidding site, Ebay.

The Killzone 2 Helghast and inFAMOUS Reaper costumes were both made available if you pre-ordered their respective games from Amazon. Now, since both items have since vanished, gamers have been fighting for the costumes on Ebay. The Reaper costume sold on the site for $27, almost half of what you purchase inFAMOUS for.

The Killzone 2 costume, in which you can dress as a Helghan, was sold for a whopping $66. The game, Killzone 2, is in retail locations now, going for $59.99. That means that gamers are purchasing costumes for PlayStation Home for more than the actual game.

Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle as we keep you up to date on these exhorbitantly priced Home items. Though hopefully the next ones will cost less than the actual retail games that they’re included with.

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