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This trophy guide has come your way thanks to our AWESOME community here at PSLS. Thanks to LordOmega of our forums for writing the guide!

Transcendence (Platinum) – Earn all the trophies in the game.

– Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies to unlock the Platinum.

Uplift (Bronze) – Obtain a medal for every cell in Uplift.

– See Campaign Legend.

Warped (Bronze) – Obtain a medal for every cell in Warped.

– See Campaign Legend.

Frenzy (Bronze) – Obtain a medal for every cell in Frenzy.

– See Campaign Legend.

Vertigo (Bronze) – Obtain a medal for every cell in Vertigo.

– See Campaign Legend.

Head Rush (Bronze) – Obtain a medal for every cell in Head Rush.

– See Campaign Legend.

Speed Freak (Bronze) – Obtain a medal for every cell in Speed Freak.

– See Campaign Legend.

Dropzone (Bronze) – Obtain a medal for every cell in Dropzone.

– See Campaign Legend.

Meltdown (Bronze) – Obtain a medal for every cell in Meltdown.

– See Campaign Legend.

Campaign Legend (Silver) – Obtain a gold medal for every cell in Race Campaign.

– You can earn this trophy on any difficulty. You must earn a gold medal for every single race in the campaign. Once you complete Campaign Legend you will unlock the campaign skin.

Elite Campaign Legend (Gold) – Obtain a gold medal for every cell in Race Campaign on Elite difficulty.

– You must be on Elite difficulty to unlock this trophy. You will have to earn this trophy in the same manner as Campaign Legend. This trophy is HARD! Good Luck!

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Deadly Momentum (Bronze) – Get eliminated in a race on Novice difficulty.

– Do barrel rolls to take down your energy, then let the opponent take you out of the race.

[Hidden] Highlight below to view.

Smile Please (Bronze) – Use Photo Mode to take a photo.

– Just use the photo mode once…or however much you like.

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Rookie Reward (Bronze) – Win any race with Pilot Assist on.

– Pilot Assist should be on as default…but make sure it is on and win any race.

1 Gold Medal won, 86 to go… (Bronze) – Obtain your first gold medal.

– Earn a gold medal in any race in the campaign.

[Hidden] Highlight below to view.

Happy Accident? (Bronze) – Execute your first successful barrel roll.

– When you get enough air, move the left stick left/right/left or right/left/right. Land the barrel roll to earn the trophy.

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Thanks for the Memory (Bronze) – Win a Campaign, Racebox or Online race using each HUD style variation.

– First, you must gain 10,000 loyalty points for any team to unlock the two other HUD styles. Then win a race with each HUD variation.

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Motion Master (Bronze) – Win a Campaign or Racebox race with the motion sensor option set to ‘pitch and steering’. Directional buttons, Left Stick, and Pilot Assist cannot be used to obtain this trophy.

– Either play on Novice or get a second controller for this one. Make sure to set up your motion sensor and turn off autopilot. From here on out, only use motion controls, airbrakes, and sideshift. Win the race and the trophy is your’s.

Flatland Flyer (Bronze) – Execute and land a successful barrel roll on Moa Therma.

– Refer to the video below.


Own the Zone (Bronze) – Get 20 consecutive perfect zones in a single Zone Mode event.

– I recommend doing this on Anulpha Pass, as it has the easiest turns to make at break-neck speeds. Be patient and you will achieve this trophy.

Double Kill (Bronze) – Eliminate at least two opponents in any race.

– At the start of the race, let everyone pass so that you are in last place. Then continue to pick up every weapon possible and try to concentrate on a single opponent until you knock him out. After taking one out…go for the next. This trophy may also be boosted online.

Airbraker (Silver) – Reach Zone 50 (Subsonic) in Zone Mode on any track using only airbrakes and sideshift. Motion sensor controls must be turned off.

– Again, I recommend Anulpha Pass for this trophy. The turns will be a little easier to handle, but this is still going to be a difficult trophy. You must only use L2/R2 to get around the track. Just be patient and once you reach zone 50 the trophy will unlock.

Tournament Ace (Silver) – Win every race of an 8 stage Racebox tournament on Skilled or Elite difficulty.

– Skilled is Medium…so this trophy is not as hard as it sounds. You may choose all 8 stages…or 8 of the same stage. You may then pick the speed, which I will recommend Venom to make things easier on you.

Zone Zeus (Gold) – In Zone Mode, reach Zone 75 on any track.

– Again Anulpha Pass for this trophy. You will need to practice for this trophy. This will require both skill and luck. Zone 75 is the highest zone in the game and it is crazy hard. Good Luck!

Arcade Perfect (Gold) – Finish 1st on all 16 tracks in Phantom class Racebox races on Elite difficulty.

-You have to win on all 8 tracks and their inverse on Phantom Speed and Elite Difficult. You will need to know the tracks extremely well, and you will need a little luck on your side.

Beat Zico (Gold) – Equal or beat the lap time of 30.82 seconds on Anulpha Pass (Forward), Speed Lap, Venom using the Piranha.

– Refer to the video below, and make sure to watch in High Quality.


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Mercenary (Bronze) – Get at least 500 loyalty points for each team.

– See Livery Liberation.

[Hidden] Highlight below to view.

Keep Rollin’ (Bronze) – Execute 100 successful barrel rolls.

– Easy enough…just do 100 barrel rolls throughout the course of playing the game.

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Gemini (Bronze) – Complete 20 two-player, split-screen races.

– Get a second player or a second controller and play 20 split-screen races.

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Sponge (Bronze) – Absorb 500 items.

– Absorb picked up items with Square. This will restore energy to your ship.

Endurance (Bronze) – Finish an online 12 race tournament.

– Join or Start a 12 race tournament and finish it.

Connected 1 (Bronze) – Finish 10 online races.

– Just finish 10 online races to get this trophy.

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Bling Brigade (Bronze) – Finish an eight player online race with all players using ships that are displaying Campaign Skins.

– This trophy can be a pain. I would HIGHLY suggest boosting this trophy online. You must get yourself and 7 others that have completed Campaign Legend to unlock the campaign skin. Then all 8 of you must finish the race with no connection issues.

Connected 2 (Silver) – Win 10 online races.

– Just win 10 online races to unlock this trophy.

Lapped Out (Silver) – Complete 99 laps in a single Racebox, Speed Lap session.

– Set up a Speed Lap in Racebox, and choose Vineta-K in Phantom Speed. Then choose the ship you want. When the race starts, be sure you have the Pilot Assist on, and then set up your controller so that the accelerator will be pressed down without using your finger. The ship will go through the circuit and will not hit the wall too many times. Leave it and spend your time doing something constructive.

AG Assassin (Silver) – Eliminate 50 online opponents.

– This can take some time unless you boost this. Eliminate as many people as you can in online races to work your way to this trophy. Alternatively, get a friend and kill him 50 times online.

WipEout® Disciple (Silver) – Obtain 100,000 loyalty points for any team.

– This will probably be one of the last trophies you unlock in Wipeout HD. This will take around 25 hours of play time to unlock. Playing on Elite/Phantom will net you more points if you are trying to unlock this trophy faster.

Livery Liberation (Gold) – Unlock every ship skin in the game.

– You will need 8000+ discipline points for each team to unlock every ship skin in the game.


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