PSLS Exclusive Dev Interview – W!Games


Just the other day W!Games announced their PSN turn-based strategy game Greed Corp, which is described as a fresh and innovative take on the genre. PlayStation LifeStyle has conducted an interview with Nikki Kuppens, Game Designer at W!Games to talk about the game, and find out some background on the Dutch Developer.


PSLS: What is Greed Corp?

W!Games: Greed Corp is a turn-based strategy game in which you have to face the consequences of harvesting resources to build your army with. On one hand you need that army to fight off your opponents, but on the other hand you need land to stand on, just like those opponents. Finding the correct balance and incorporating it into your overall strategy is what Greed Corp is about.

PSLS: What industry experience does W!Games have?

W!Games: W!Games consists of multiple experienced Dutch developers, most of them having worked on a number of titles for different platforms at other studios. The studio’s first game was My Horse & Me for Wii and PC, published by Atari at the end of 2007. Greed Corp is our newest project, currently being developed for PlayStation Network and other soon to be revealed platforms.

PSLS: Is Greed Corp a PSN exclusive or will it be coming to other platforms?

W!Games: We hope to reveal more information about the release of the game on other possible platforms on short notice. If Greed Corp is officially confirmed for other platforms, if any, we will of course also officially announce it.

PSLS: Have you decided on a price point for the game?

W!Games: This is something that we’ll confirm closer to release, but you can assume it will be on par with current PSN releases.

PSLS: In your press release you stated that Greed Corp would only be the first game in a series of games, how many are you planning on making?

W!Games: The series of games is connected to the world we are creating, the world in which Greed Corp also takes place. This world will be the setting of possibly all our future projects. That doesn’t mean it will all be strategy games, but it gives us the opportunity to position different kinds of games within the same universe. So there’s no set amount of games we’ll be making.

PSLS: What would you say to people looking to go into games developing?

W!Games: Well, as an individual it’s obviously good to have a good preparation. There are a lot of schools out there, but be sure to pick the right one. A course like that might not even be for you, depending on what kind of job you would like to have. Due to the large increase in game development education and people graduating, it’s getting harder to get a job right after finishing school. Don’t depend on just a diploma, do your own things outside of the courses and make sure you get to know the right people in the industry. As a group or company getting into games, know what your mission will be and actively support it with everything you do. Make sure you don’t only know what kind of games you WANT to make, but also that you CAN make them and do it successfully.

We’d like to thank W!Games for taking the time to speak with us regarding their upcoming PSN game, Greed Corp.

To learn more about the head over to the Greed Corp forum or stay tuned to PSLS for more information. Greed Corp is expected to hit the PlayStation Network at the end of September.