God Of War III Release Date Revealed for UK – Sort Of [Update]

SCEE has revealed the official release date of the hotly anticipated releases of both God of War III and the God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition in European territories. A March release was inevitable for the exclusive, and now it is confirmed. No more rumors, no more speculation, Kratos is back.

God Of War III will be slashing its way to your PS3 on March 19, 2010.

God of War III will be available in two very different retail packages in Europe. The standard edition release arrives with a price tag of £39.99 for most retailers.

The God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition will include GOWIII and God of War Collection. A whole batch of Kratos goodies fill in the Ultimate Trilogy Edition–find the content details here. The God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition will be receiving a godly price of £109.99.

North America should be expecting a 16 March street release, according to Gamestop. Even if this is a rumour, most US releases come 2-4 days before Europe/UK, so expect a release around then. In the end there will only be chaos!

Update: Sony has told multiple sources that 19th March is one of the dates they are considering for release, but this date is not yet confirmed as the official release date. Stay tuned in to PSLS as we reveal more as it comes in.