DICE Comments On A Mirror’s Edge Sequel

EA and DICE are getting prepared for the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 across multiple platforms. While the producers are working hard on their latest shooter, DICE has commented on the possibility of a Mirror’s Edge 2.

Executive producer Karl-Magnus Trodesson, spoke to NowGamer recently and revealed the future of Faith.

I can’t really comment on that because we haven’t officially announced that we’re working on it. But we were very happy and proud of Mirror’s Edge one as a studio, so we are thinking about what we are going to do in the future.

As a studio we’re pretty dedicated to the FPS genre and DICE was pretty much build on the Battlefield franchise, but that doesn’t mean that’s what we going to continue doing in the future. It’s important for us to find other projects and other games that perhaps can turn into IP’s and then later on franchises. Mirror’s Edge was a big test for us and you’re going to start seeing more of these in the near future.

Patrick Soderlund of EA Games Europe commented a while back on whether we will see a second title:

You will see another Mirror’s Edge for sure. It’s just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it. We have a small team on it and I’m excited about what we do.

It looks like Faith may be returning in a new Mirror’s Edge. Would you look forward to a sequel if it was officially announced? Let us know in the comments.