Bad Company 2 Lands In The Battlefield With Additional Content

February 10, 2010Written by Zak Islam

DICE has revealed that their hotly anticipated shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will have first day content available through an in-game store at launch.

Speaking to WorthPlaying, BFBC2’s senior producer Patrick Bach spoke about the the game containing free and fee based DLC.

We see the game as the first step to a longer experience.We have an in-game store where you get free content or you can buy new content to the game, so it’s a very integral part of the game that we will have a long post-launch campaign.I think people will be thrilled to see what’s in that already. On day one, you will get some really cool stuff.

According to Bach, this is why you should pick up the game:

If you like a very deep and long multiplayer experience that competitive, easy-to-use and high quality, then this is the game for you. If you want a single-player that is dramatic and varied, with cool storytelling and cool characters and all these cool environments, it’s all part of the same package. I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t pick it up.

I don’t see a reason as well, BFBC2 is looking like one hell of a contender to dethrone Modern Warfare 2 in all aspects, including multiplayer. Don’t believe me?

Bad Company 2 arrives on March 2 in North America and March 5 in Europe. The demo is now available on the PS store.