Gran Turismo 5 Definitely Releasing This Fall

There has been much speculation of whether Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 5 will make it to the PlayStation 3 this calender year. Peter Dille officially ended the speculation at the GDC, stating that the racer will be releasing this year. Now, the questions is exactly when will the title be released.

According to an Italian publication 4News, a Sony representative has apparently confirmed at this year’s Game Developers Conference that Sony is looking to launch Gran Turismo 5 this October.  Sony will be releasing their 3D technology in TVs this June in Japan, and it’s thought that the title has been delayed to integrate 3D support.

Sony’s Portugal boss James Armstrong had confirmed that Polyphony Digital’s racer will be racing would be racing towards a launch “this fall”, and it looks like he has staying loyal to his words. There had also been reports where major retailers had penned down the ultimate racing simulator for a fall release, with Amazon listing the racer as a November 1st release.

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