Thoughts on David Jaffe’s Next Game

April 1, 2010Written by Dan Massi

David Jaffe is certainly a big headline-maker for PlayStation gamers. His subtle hints about his next game are always taken very seriously by gamers, as any hint could potentially indicate whether he’s working on a new intellectual property or an existing one. Many believe that Jaffe’s next game will be a new Twisted Metal on PS3, while some think that he’s working on something entirely new. Check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s thoughts on Jaffe’s next game.

Jonathan Leack, Editor

I’m personally a big fan of David Jaffe. Twisted Metal was one of the first games I ever played, and I instantly became a fan. I might not know exactly what title he’s working on, but I do know that it will be great. With that said, all signs point to a next-generation iteration of the Twisted Metal series. I’m not entirely sure if the title will have Twisted Metal in it, but Jaffe has stated on several occasions that his new game has given the development team lots of new challenges, and that they want it to truly feel like a new-generation title.

The interesting thing is that I remember a vlog of his where he was talking about the fact that himself and the team were debating whether or not multiplayer would fit into the game. Thankfully this was roughly a year ago, so that isn’t exactly a sign that the game isn’t close to release. What it does mean is that if it is in fact a Twisted Metal title, it might would be the first to feature online multiplayer. That could be a monumental step for the series, especially with the right care put into it. In any case, my guess is that it’s a Twisted Metal game, and it might just blend the epicness of the God of War series (Jaffe was a Director for the first God of War ) with the evil yet fun vehicular combat of Twisted Metal. Sounds good!

Kyle Phillips, Editor

The internet has been anxiously awaiting information regarding David Jaffe’s much-publicized-but-never-officially-revealed game. Personally, I’m not all that excited. But that doesn’t mean I hate him. Far from it. He is a phenomenal game developer that produces some of the cornerstones of the PlayStation family. I admired his work with God of War and Twisted Metal, but those game never fully grabbed me.

My only hope is that he is producing an entirely new IP, not the next iteration of Twisted Metal, which many have speculated is his next game. The industry is plagued with sequels and spinoffs. A fresh IP would be a welcome breath of fresh air, at least in my home.

Steven Garcia, Contributing Editor

I’ll be honest, and I don’t think I’m alone, when I say I didn’t know who Jaffe was until God of War was released. As a young lad back in the in the days of Twisted Metal, not knowing the creator of a specific game wasn’t exactly something I’d lose sleep over. Now, though, I’m old enough and wise enough to appreciate his accomplishments.

It wouldn’t be too far off to suggest every generation of PlayStation owes a great deal of it’s success to Jaffe and his creative genius. Since the release of Twisted Metal, Jaffe has deployed a new IP to leave his mark on every console to bear the PlayStation logo, and while I definitely wouldn’t mind a updated version of Twisted Metal, I feel an entirely new title taking advantage of all the best elements from his past works would be an even a greater treat. That said, I’m extremely excited to see whatever Jaffe and his team have been able to conjure up in between their busy schedule of eating, sleeping, and of course, playing.

Josh Fernandes, Social Media Manager

There is a debate in my head between what I want Jaffe to be working on, and what I think he is working on. I want Jaffe to be working on Twisted Metal more than I want a sorority to move next door to me. I wouldn’t feel this way if developers were still making those kind of games. Sure, there has been Burnout 3 and Burnout: Paradise, but Burnout: Paradise seemed to focus more on the racing than on smacking into your enemies to make them crash into a trolley. I used to love those games where vehicular manslaughter was the main goal, and the absence of those games in the market has just made me love them more. So, I want all these little blurbs about stories, and epic reveals to be hints about the next Twisted Metal, and that may have clouded my judgment.

What I think is going to happen, is that Jaffe will reveal something new. This doesn’t mean that Jaffe will never make another Twisted metal game. After hearing all of us idiots yell about how much we want another Twisted Metal, Jaffe will be crazy not to make it at some time. Jaffe said this game will be between Calling all Cars and God of War….so, between cars and a guy who kills people…cars that kill people! Probably not. This was more likely a reference to the fact that Calling all Cars was online only, and God of War was single player only. This game will have both. Now, the Twisted Metal series had both single player and multiplayer, but I’m sure this game he is working on will have single player and multiplayer that go hand-in-hand. Think of White Knight Chronicles. In that game, progress in single player for your created character translated over into online play and vice-versa. I doubt this game will be an RPG, but I think it will have a similar system. Personally, I think every game should have this system (read my H&F about it) and maybe Jaffe can give it the popularity it deserves.

Sebastian Moss, Contributing Editor

Of the few clues and hints surrounding Jaffe’s next game, the majority point towards Twisted Metal; from the blurred image that mentioned cars, to the Twisted Metal sequel hints in the last TW, Jaffe certainly seems to be developing a new Twisted Metal, and I’m sure Sony would feel much safer backing an established franchise rather than a new IP.

That said, I wouldn’t put it past Jaffe to purposely tease TW just to make us think he is developing that game, only to surprise us with an entirely new IP. After many iterations of the same franchise, it is natural for a developer to get bored of the relatively similar process, and strive for greener pastures. Having successfully launched and created two award winning and prestigious franchises, Twisted Metal and God of War, Jaffe could definitely create yet another ‘must have’ intellectual property, and may even be working on it right now.

Twisted Metal never achieved much success outside of the US, but I was part of its small but dedicated fanbase back in the PS2 era, so if TM does become a reality I will certainly be very happy, especially because I think that online would be a terrific addition for the franchise. If he makes a new IP, I really hope Jaffe designs something refreshing and unique, perhaps like his failed project “Heartland” would have been. Either way, I am absolutely confident that the outcome will be a highly desirable game, and well worth the wait.

It’s this part that we’d like you – the readers – to be involved in. What’s your opinion on all of this? Could Jaffe really be working on the rumored “reboot” Twisted Metal PS3, or a new series? Post your comments below!