PS3 Review – Dragon Age: Origins – Leliana’s Song

Dragon Age: Origins originally launched in November of 2009. The hit from both Bioware and EA brought a gamers a deep and immersive Action RPG that PS3 owners had been needing for quite some time. The game itself garnered many awards and praises from many gaming sites and publications, including us here at PlayStation LifeStyle. Given the success of the title, it had a slew of downloadable content that was released for it, including the full fledged expansion Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. The most recent downloadable content that is available to players is titled Dragon Age: Origins – Leliana’s Song. Yet another batch of downloadable content has been released, but is it worth a look from fans of Origins?

Players will assume the role of Leliana, whom was a member of the Chantry during the full version of Dragon Age: Origins. Leliana’s Song takes a look at her past and how she came to be, this includes her relationship with Marjolaine, whom mentors her throughout the missions within the downloadable content. You will begin the game with Leliana, Tug, and Sketch all working together to accomplish various missions set out for you by Marjolaine.

As you progress through the missions many twists and turns will definitely keep you interested. Though not all players may have learned everything about Leliana had they not taken the correct steps necessary in Origins. This is well known through many of Bioware’s Action-RPG’s. Necessary steps must be taken to fully learn everything there is to know about specific characters in a title, and this was no different in Dragon Age: Origins. Though just like any character out there, many either love Leliana or don’t care for her. So that should also be taken into consideration when making your purchase decision.

Players will find themselves having to adjust to only having three characters at a time, while Origins allowed a total of four. Tug is a dwarf warrior that allows for a much needed character with a lot of strength during encounters. Sketch is an elf that assists with both magic attacks and healing as well. Considering you can control the leveling of the characters, just like in Origins, it is up to you what abilities the characters will unlock during your playthrough. Control wise there are no changes to the title. The game itself plays just like Origins, so veterans of the game will feel right at home.

While the content is very short, it is also a very enjoyable experience overall. The game itself does a great job of telling Leliana’s backstory, featuring fully voiced cutscenes throughout Leliana’s Song. This is definitely a pickup for diehard fans of the Dragon Age: Origins and especially for fans of Leliana. But given the length of the DLC, it is hard to recommend it to anyone else. Though for those on edge, the price is definitely fair for what it offers. The downloadable content can be purchased for $6.99 in the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Fully voiced cutscenes allow for a completely immersive story to experience.

Value depends on how much Leliana meant to you during your Origins campaign.

Extremely short, and should be purchased by fans of Leliana.

7 out of 10