Zombie Outbreak Ready to Attack Black Ops

One of the key addition’s to Treyarch’s Call of Duty World at War was the inclusion of Zombie Mode. This highly entertaining mode had you trapped in a house battling hordes of Nazi zombies with up to three of your friends. Well if you loved this mode then you should be thrilled with the latest news coming out about Call of Duty Black Ops.

Not all that long ago Gamestop had leaked info that Call of Duty Black Ops would contain Zombie mode. Well today we finally got conformation from Treyarch that this is in fact true. Speaking on the topic Treyarch’s community manager had this to say:

“All 4 existing CoDWaW Zombies maps will be included in Hardened & Prestige editions of COD Black Ops as callback co-op levels!”

Looks like you will need to pick up the collector’s edition in order to get this. Also they are only the World at War maps so if you already own that game this really is not that big of a deal. This is really a shame since that mode was so fun in  World at War and it would of been interesting to see how they could of incorporated it into Black Ops.

We should hear more about this and many more features as we get closer to the November 9th release date.