PS3’s Power “Not Enough” To Handle Yamauchi’s Gran Turismo

Whether it comes out this year or the next, Gran Turismo 5 is set to be one of the most ambitious games of all time, pushing the boundaries of what the PlayStation 3 can render, with gorgeous 1080p visuals, damage modeling and a dynamic weather system. While the game took over 5 years to develop, cost around $60 million to make, and has more features than you can shake a stick at, apparently the game just isn’t good enough to satisfy its creator, due to the limitations of the PS3.

Polyphony Digital’s President, and Gran Turismo father, Kaz Yamauchi told the latest issue of Esquire UK that he has been restricted by each generation of PlayStation he has worked on:

“Software has to be created under the restriction of the hardware, with each new PlayStation, the vessel has become bigger, but its still not enough.

He continued:

“With Gran Turismo 5 we’ve made it as clean and beautiful as possible within the confines of the space we’re given – but of course there’s a lot more that we want to put in.”

With Sony promising a release before Christmas, Yamauchi saying the game has gone gold, and rumors that discs are already in the wild, GT5 looks like it may finally release this year.

Of course, if GT5 maxes out the PS3 it does beg the question: Which platform will Gran Turismo 6 – which is already in development – be released on?