Gran Turismo 5 Sales Exceed Expectations; Second Patch Coming Sunday

If you’ve played Gran Turismo 5 since the online patch landed on Tuesday, you’re probably aware of the network issues that Polyphony Digital is currently facing. While the game has managed to impress many, the online play has been rough with connection errors and more.

According to a recent interview with famed Gran Turismo pioneer Kazunori Yamauchi, the game is more popular than his team anticipated, and as a result the data servers are being swamped:

“The data centre was set up to handle 500,000 connections but the number of connections we received greatly exceeded that amount and there was a high chance of experiencing problems as a result.”

In an effort to minimize these issues, Yamauchi declared that the game’s first post-launch patch will be racing to the PS3 on November 28th (this Sunday):

“We received a lot of demands for having more regulations placed on the online play. We’re going to perform an update on the 27th that will include things like max power restrictions and weight restrictions.”

The issues have also been affecting the single-player environment due to the way data is shared during play. I have had some issues uploading photos and refreshing the lobby list in the online portion, but otherwise the issues haven’t been problematic. The upcoming patch is said to include some increases in stability along with a couple new features. It was also noted during the interview that Polyphony Digital plans to fully support GT5 as the weeks pass, and the game will evolve “like a living creature”. Sounds good to me.

We gave Gran Turismo 5 a 10/10 and called it the “pinnacle of the racing simulation genre”. Oh, and that header image above is my precious Toyota FT-86 that I unlocked yesterday. If you haven’t checked out photo mode, do yourself a favor and do so right away.