2 Fatalities Per Kombatant in New Mortal Kombat

December 15, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Many Mortal Kombat fans had numerous issues with MK vs DC, and perhaps one of the biggest was the gimped fatalities. With the newest Mortal Kombat heading back to its roots you can be sure that’s all going to change. Luckily, it looks like fans of the series will have double the reason to be excited.

In the past week there has been plenty of exciting news for Mortal Kombat fans. From angry new fighters, to special additions being announced, and finally a release date, and if you thought the good news ended there you would be wrong.

Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat, posted some great news about fatalities via his Twitter:

A number of people have axed so I thought it was worth answering. Every character has 2 fatalities. Not disabling any fatalities for retail.

He then reiterated that there is no need to worry about some gamers getting exclusive fatalities:

Come on guys, do you really think we’d release the game with some characters having only 1 fatality and give the other to retail exclusive?

Look for more information as we get closer to the April 19th, 2011 release date.