Resistance 3 Won’t Disappoint Fans of Co-Operative Play

March 21, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

The Resistance series has been a major proponent for enjoyable co-operative experiences since the vintage Resistance released back in 2006. Resistance: Fall of Man had some exhilarating campaign split-screen, while Resistance 2 allowed groups of friends to battle hordes of enemies utilizing classes, each with group-centric abilities. Insomniac Games wouldn’t let that success falter in its latest game, and has already promised some co-op implementations.

In direct response to a user asking Insomniac Games to confirm multiplayer split-screen for Resistance 3, Senior Community Manager James Stevenson replied with the following:

yeah, it’s going to be a late add. We will have dual split-screen log-in, though it probably won’t be something you can play until the final version of the game ships (ie, not in the beta)

So what does this mean? If you’ve played Call of Duty: Black Ops, you’ve likely encountered the online split-screen feature. It essentially allowed you and a buddy to play online competitively using the same console. The problem with the implementation in that particular game is that the second player was bound as a guest. Judging by the above post, Resistance 3 will allow both users to play using different PSN accounts. Now that’s awesome.

Resistance 3 will be firing at a store near you on September 6th, just in time for the holiday rush.