Capcom Predicting Soaring PS3 Game Sales, Backs Platform

May 24, 2011Written by Staff

Capcom have released a chart that not only shows the number of games it has shipped and how many sold, but also their projected number of games and sales for the next financial year. The Japanese publisher has shown their confidence in Sony’s flagship console, putting more support in the PS3 than any other platform.

Capcom has put PS3 game sales over the Xbox all the way through to March 2012, with the publisher showing a lot of confidence in the PS3 with 16 titles slated to make an estimated 8 million sales. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 games are only expected to sell 4.7 million copies and will only see 14 of Capcom’s titles, almost half of the PS3 titles’ projected success.

It is likely that much of the PS3’s sales will come from the recently announced PSP Remastered Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD.