Gran Turismo 5 to Install DLC in the Near Future

Gran Turismo 5 elegantly graced the PlayStation 3 last year, and while it was packed to the hood with content, car enthusiasts have been begging for more. We’re now halfway through the new year, and no downloadable content has been announced. We’re sure it’s in development, but when will it arrive?

Editor Guillaume Couturier had some predictable but exciting information to share on the French PlayStation Blog. In reply to a question regarding DLC for Gran Turismo 5, Guillaume posted the following (translated from French):

“Polyphony has begun with the new update, and DLC should follow, but I have no confirmation yet.”

The update he is referring to is the v1.10 patch which just released last week and added a mountain of new features and fixes. Speaking of which, Gran Turismo 5 has evolved tremendously over the past seven months. Whether it be balancing online play, making menu navigation quicker, or even new content, Polyphony Digital has delivered the goods. With that said, some new premium cars or tracks would be extremely exciting. Myself and many other feel at this point that we’ve raced around Nurburgring enough times with each of the cars, and experiencing some new machines would be appetizing.

PlayStation LifeStyle will update you with any information regarding Gran Turismo 5 DLC as soon as it is available, so check back for more.