Guerrilla Games’ Next Title to be an “FPS/Action Game”

With Guerrilla Games having confirmed that they’re working on a new IP, the big question is whether the developer will stick to the FPS genre. Now, we have proof that they are working on a FPS game, and the only question is – are they talking about their new IP or Killzone 4?

We’ve uncovered a Guerrilla Games job listing for a FPS/action game:

We want you to contact Guerrilla HQ if:

You’ve worked on (and completed) one or more FPS/action games as a Senior Game Designer

You have past experience designing combat systems in the FPS/action genre

Additionally, it also – unsurprisingly – confirms the existence of multiplayer:

We really want to hear from you if:

You have extensive knowledge of and affinity for Online/Multiplayer design.

With over 160 developers at the studio, it’s perfectly plausible that the team is working on Killzone 4 and a new IP at the same time, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Previously, we also found evidence that Guerrilla is working on a PS4 game which would seem like a logical launching point for a new IP.

Do you want the new IP to be an FPS? Let us know in the comments below!