Celebrate Resident Evil 6’s Release by Eating People Courtesy of Capcom

Capcom is teaming up with food artist Sharon Baker, and cocktail chemist ‘Loading Bar’ to turn  London’s famous Smithfield Meat Market into a human butchery where you can dine on (probably delicious) human flesh including: feet, hands, and even whole bodies, with a side salad of Resident Evil‘s red, and green herbs, then you’ll be able to wash all of this gourmet goodness down with a ‘Puss’ or ‘Stool Sample’ drink; the Resident Evil branded butchery opens tomorrow to promote Capcom’s juggernaut October 2nd release: Resident Evil 6.

In reality, the meat is a prosciutto sausage meat blend, along with Chicken and pork, the arguably less appetizing sounding ‘Stool Sample’ and ‘Puss’ drinks are another case of disgusting appearance and labeling despite the ‘Stool Sample’ for example being a rather tempting blend of: Kahlua, Baileys, Vanilla Vodka, and Chocolate. The red/green herbs are simply harissa ketchup and beetroot leaf pesto.

If seemingly re-pungent Resident Evil 6 food oddly isn’t your thing; there’s two interesting lectures taking place at the nearby St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Pathology Museum that intend to tie Resident Evil 6‘s themes, and lore to real life research.

On September 28th Dr. Morgaine Gaye a “food futurologist” will speak about forthcoming trends in meat consumption ranging from ingesting insects to cannibalism, the following day will feature famed virologist Prof. John Oxford discussing the possibility of whether Resident Evil‘s mass mutating C-Virus could ever become a reality.

If you’re in the area, do you plan to attend these events, and feast on faux human flesh? For the rest of us, would you partake if presented the opportunity? I’d love to try the different body parts, and down a dozen Stool Sample cocktails, the second lecture sounds interesting as well.