The Catch-Up: August 16th, 2013 – See the Graphical Evolution of PlayStation, Grand Theft Auto V Trophies/Achievements Outed

Seeing how quiet things are today, it looks like everyone is preparing for gamescom next week. Hopefully Monday brings us some pre-show leaks!

General News

  • With a bunch of secret achievements/trophies and even more not-so-secret achievements/trophies, with more than a few earned in Grand Theft Auto Online, you can check out the full achievement/trophy list for Grand Theft Auto V by heading over to Xbox360Achievements.
  • According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the development costs for Disney Infinity have topped $100 million. Speaking to them, Robert Iger, CEO at Disney, said, “If Infinity does well, it bodes very well for the bottom line of this unit. If it doesn’t do well, the opposite will be the case.” Disney Infinity launches this Sunday. [Via/Source]
  • We still don’t really know anything about The Fighter Within, but actress Kaycie Chase does list on her LinkedIn account that she did dubbing for The Fighter Within back in July 2013. [Via/Source]
  • Live in Europe and want to participate in the beta for Ridge Racer: Driftopia? [Head Over Here!]
  • Techland is opening a studio in Vancouver, British Columbia called Digital Scapes Studios. Marcin Chady, Former Radical Entertainment Technical Director, will be the Managing Director at Digital Scapes, with the studio working on parts of the upcoming Dying Light (which looks really good). [Source]
  • That year of PayDay 2 content will consist of 5 planned DLC packs, with the game also being updated with free and paid content. [Source]
  • The massive GRID 2 Community Update is coming to PC next week, with the PS3 and Xbox 360 patch of the same name arriving within two weeks. Adding Demo Derby, fixing bugs, and so much more… [Check Out The Full Patch Notes Here]
  • Added to the European PSN Summer Festival Sale is The Last of Us with a free copy of Tokyo Jungle for €59.99/£39.99/$89.95, with PlayStation Plus members getting an extra 10% off. [Source]

New Videos

  • Access PlayStation takes you through the graphical evolution of PlayStation:

  • With Saints Row IV out on Tuesday, this might be our last pre-launch developer diary:

  • What’s Formula 1? This is Formula 1:

  • The best defence in PES 2014 is a good defence:

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