Always Online Requirement for GTAV Snapmatic Photos Causes Problems After Rockstar Game Services Bugs

It’s annoying enough that you need to be signed in to save your Snapmatic photos in GTAV, but it’s even more annoying that Rockstar’s servers seem to be struggling with the process.

In Grand Theft Auto V you can use your smartphone to take pictures, but you have to be signed in through both PSN/XBL and Rockstar’s servers for it to work. Sadly, unlike everyone else, it doesn’t look like they predicted the huge amount of demand for the game, and the huge demand for selfies. While many have been able to connect, with their terrible pics viewable here, others are greeted with the message “The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now”. Here at PSLS, both my version (UK) and Dan’s (US) have experienced the issue, while Twitter is filled with users complaining for the past 12 hours.

Currently, there is no known fix, but Rockstar patching in offline picture taking would seem like the most logical course of action.

Are you irritated by the always online requirement? Are Rockstar a real-life Lifeinvader? Sound Orth in the comments below.

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