“Relatively Small Number of People” Unable to Download GTAV from the EU PS Store, Sony Investigating the Issue

September 18, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


As the only region that allowed GTAV pre-loading, Europeans seemed to be the lucky ones when it comes to digital Rockstar gaming, but it turns out a few of them weren’t so fortunate.

Sony has responded to complaints that some people are unable to download and play GTAV, despite buying it. The company said on Twitter:

Hey all, we are aware that a relatively small number of people are having an issue downloading GTAV from the EU PS Store.

We are investigating these issues, but in the meantime please ensure that the latest firmware is installed

And that your pre-order was successful (in the case of pre-order), that you delete the failed file, re-download and try again.

Have you had issues playing GTAV after downloading a whopping 18GB file? Get angry in the comment below.

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