Street Fighter V in Development, Capcom Looking Into “Pay-for Advantage” System for New Players (Update)


Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono went on Twitter to debunk the alleged “pay-for-advantage” system and adds it’s not something they’re planning for.

I gather that’s welcome news to everyone. Heck, I have’t played fighting games for years now and I still would rather have this than anything that would muddy up the core of the game.

Original Story:

While Capcom didn’t announce a big game at this year’s E3, it seems Street Fighter V is in development as we speak according to Capcom president and COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto.

In a report by Sponichi Annex, the online portal for the Sports Nippon Japanese newspaper (spotted by reputable fighting game website EventHubs), it states that Tsujimoto has said to media representatives in a group interview at E3 that Capcom not only is SFV in development, but that it will fully utilize features from online gaming, and even include a “pay-for-advantage” system that new players can use, so they won’t always be decimated by Street Fighter vets in online matches.

“We’d like to steer away from making the next game such that skilled players will win, but unskilled players will lose almost instantaneously,” Tsujimoto states.

While no other detail has been revealed regarding this pay-for-advantage scheme Capcom is thinking of, Tsujimoto mentions that it’s a way to prevent unskilled players from losing instantaneously, which will allow new players to compensate for their lack of skills in matches.

Capcom is also said to be looking into a feature that will allow users to spectate fights between top-level players directly within the game “so as to allow beginners to learn how to use the special moves and pick up on general strategy, which will help in growing the userbase.”

Lastly, the game is said to be years away from release and is being developed by Capcom for release on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

We’ve reached out to Capcom for a comment and will update the post once we get a reply.

Are you looking forward to more Street Fighter? How do you feel about this pay-for-advantage scheme if and when it happens? Is it a good move by Capcom to let newbies enjoy the game even in online matches or are they just lowering the skill requirements for players?

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