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Capcom to Announce Something Street Fighter-Related “Soon”

At the recently-concluded EVO Fighting Champions, Capcom Deputy Head of Consumer Games Development Yoshinori Ono gave a brief talk before the Ultra Street Fighter IV finals. 

In his speech, Ono jokingly apologized for the Street Fighter still stuck at “Ultra” while Namco Bandai is already at Tekken 7. Ono mentioned that Capcom is currently planning the advancement of the Street Fighter franchise, which we assume will be Street Fighter V since Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto has gone on record to say that it’s in development

Lastly, Ono asked fans to be patient and said that Capcom will be announcing something “soon,” though it wasn’t specified whether soon would mean this month, this year or next. 

Hopefully, this announcement will really be for SFV and not another update to SFIV. I mean, I know the game has its fair share of supporters, but I think it’s time we get another numbered entry in the mix and not Ultra Super Street Fighter IV Remix Dash Champion Edition.

Are you looking forward to SFV or should Capcom hold off on it until SFIV’s popularity wanes?

[Source: Silicon Era]