GTA V (PS4) – Everything You Need to Know

November 14, 2014Written by Alex Co

GTAV Header2

While Grand Theft Auto V has already made its way to gamers last year, it’s now getting a re-release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with its own remaster. And based on the internet, fans are still eager to snatch this one up yet again.

For the most part, while the core game will be the same, Rockstar isn’t resting on its laurels as it also implemented a few key changes that might just warrant gamers to double dip. Well, fortunately for you, we’ve compiled everything important in our GTA V PS4 info dump!

If you’re one of the very few people who missed out on GTAV last-gen (like me!), then chances are, you’re excited to see what all the commotion is about. But for those who already played and finished Rockstar’s latest open world crime game, is it worth picking up again? 

Did we miss anything? And more importantly, are you getting GTAV on PS4 next Tuesday (November 18) even with all the new games coming out? Sound off and let us know.