Changing One Mortal Kombat X Setting Might Help Your Combos

Having trouble with some of the Mortal Kombat X combos? If so, don’t blame yourself — blame the game.

According to a lengthy video uploaded by YouTuber infamy 23, a certain setting in MKX is actually causing some users to mess up combos, even if they input the buttons correctly. Infamy 23 explains in the video that a certain default setting, the “Release Check” setting, can make MKX register your button inputs incorrectly if they are done too quickly. Apparently, by turning the “Release Check” setting off in the “Wireless Controller Preset” options menu, combos in MKX will register your button presses far more accuratly, and combos will, hopefully, no longer fall flat.

For a full explanation of how this works, check out the video above. For a short explanation — just turn off the “Release Check” setting in Mortal Kombat X and you’ll do better.

[Source: Infamy 23 (YouTube)]

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