Dragon Quest Marries Minecraft in Dragon Quest Builders

Minecraft has been a runaway success in pretty much every game market, Japan being no exception. Since Square Enix found big sales and critical acclaim in moving Dragon Quest into the musou genre with Dragon Quest Heroes earlier this year, it only seemed natural to look for other genres in which they could stuff Dragon Quest. The screenshot above is the first image of Dragon Quest Builders, a combination of Dragon Quest and Minecraft.


Categorized as a “block make RPG” by Square Enix and will be available for PS3, PS4, and Vita. The game takes place in Alefgard, the setting of the first three Dragon Quest games. The text up there above the logo (and katakana version of the title) says “Restore Alefgard.”

It’s expected to ship to Japanese stores this winter in Japan, while other territories are of course not yet announced.

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