Street Fighter V Beta Codes Being Sent out in North America, Client Is Nearly a 3GB Download

If you pre-ordered Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4 from Amazon, GameStop, or Best Buy in North America, beta codes are being emailed out today, with many people already downloading the client ahead of the beta’s start date on July 23 at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

When you go to download the Street Fighter V beta, it will be an initial download of 1.409GB, followed by another 1.409GB for the update file.

For those who pre-ordered Street Fighter V through the PlayStation Store, a beta client will go live at some point today:

When the beta client becomes available for download, navigate to the PSN store and search for “Street Fighter Beta“. Locate the client, download, and install it. The beta client will only be playable during the dates when the beta is live.

Lasting until July 28, the SFV beta includes three stages and four characters (Ryu, M.Bison, Chun-Li, and Nash) at launch, with Birdie and Cammie being added on July 25. As this beta is being done to test the net code, you’ll only be able to play online.

If you signed up for the beta in Europe by July 15, more details will be emailed out on July 23:

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