Hajime Tabata Says Final Fantasy XV Team Working on Better English Translations

Some people who played both the English and Japanese versions of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae were not happy with the way the English translation turned out.

According to some members on the game’s official forum, various things, like the way Noctis’ and Ignis’ relationship is shown, are not entirely accurate in the English version due to certain word choices. Responding to these comments, Director Hajime Tabata explained that he and the FFXV team are working to improve the translation.

Rest assured that we’re discussing these issues internally and working out the best way to improve things, so I hope you can look forward to what you’ll see in the final product.

Did you notice anything different about the two Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae translations? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Final Fantasy XV Forum via Final Fantasy XV (Twitter)]