PS4 Lead Over Xbox One Continues to Grow, Latest Quarterly Financial Reports Show

We knew Sony was doing well when its quartley finanical report was released, and now we get to see even more PlayStation 4 success when it’s stacked up against the competition. 

Sony’s PS4 continues to dominate the Xbox One and Nintendo, shipping over four million consoles to stores during the three-month period. While Microsoft’s Xbox One achieved the 15 million total units shipped milestone, Sony is rapidly closing in on 30 million. Nintendo’s Wii U finds itself, again, in last place, finally shipping 10 million units. 


It’s going to take a lot for Sony to lose its share of the market. While the Xbox One and Wii U are slowing down, the PlayStation 4 is speeding up. 

2016 is going to be an interesting year for the now-gen console race. All sides are expected to be attempting daring hardware launches, which could make or break any of the three. 

Do you think we’ll be seeing the same pattern for this quarter? Will PlayStation VR gain Sony an even bigger lead?

[Source: Ars Technica]