Analysis Says Just Cause 3 Targets 30fps on PS4 & Xbox One, But ‘Neither Is Able to Sustain a Locked 30fps’

While official technical details for Just Cause 3 are still “coming soon,” Digital Foundry has revealed that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions target 30 frames-per-second, with the game running at native 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One.

Testing Just Cause 3 at the 2.8GB version 1.01 on both consoles, Digital Foundry says they “look equivalent to the high setting on the PC game” and look similar to each other, “but PlayStation 4 has the edge visually with a crisper image.”

Unfortunately, performance takes a hit on PS4 and Xbox One, as they explained:

What’s clear is that neither version of Just Cause 3 is able to sustain a locked 30fps, but it is indeed the Xbox One release that offers a noticeably lower level of in-game fluidity. In our tests, we’ve compared both cut-scenes and gameplay, and our lowest recorded drop occurs on Xbox One, where a massive explosion sends us plummeting to 20fps, while PS4 plateaus to 24fps in entirely different circumstances – with CPU power the likely culprit for bottlenecked performance there.

Outside of shoot-outs, Just Cause 3 remains mostly at 30fps. When the action does begin though, Digital Foundry says, “It’s clear that PlayStation 4 has the edge in sustaining target performance more consistently.”

Elsewhere in the analysis, Digital Foundry notes that screen-tearing is restricted to the top of the screen, while blowing up a bridge with C4 explosives “causes a mid-20s dip on both machines as the structure crumbles into its component parts,” which you can see at 2:30 of the above video.

Just Cause 3 releases tomorrow, December 1, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Eurogamer]