Rise of the Kasai Is the Next PS2 Game Coming to PS4, Releases on March 8

During the most recent episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Sony revealed that Rise of the Kasai will be the next PlayStation 2 game released on PlayStation 4, coming to North America on Tuesday, March 8. A European release should happen next week as well, but nothing’s been confirmed yet.

The followup to The Mark of Kri (already available on PS4), Rise of the Kasai will likely cost $14.99, as Exophase reveals that it includes a Platinum Trophy. Here’s some Trophy highlights:

  • Protector of the Innocent (Platinum) – Unlock all trophies.
  • Untouchable (Gold) – Complete a level without taking any damage.
  • Arena Champion (Gold) – Unlock all arena levels by completing all level challenges.
  • Tools of the Trade (Gold) – Unlock all weapons by collecting every Tuku.
  • A Watchful Eye (Silver) – Unlock all 10 movies.
  • Wrath of the Rakus (Silver) – Achieve a body count of 40 in an Arena level.
  • A Merciful Warrior (Silver) – Complete a level killing fewer than 10 enemies.

And here’s the description for Rise of the Kasai:

Rise of the Kasai is the prequel and sequel to the highly acclaimed The Mark of Kri. The struggle to protect the dark magic of Kri from spreading returns, with four playable characters, each with their own menacing weapons and deadly combos. Unique collaborative gameplay pairs you with a fellow warrior, making teamwork essential as you scout, plan and fight your way through breathtaking 3-D environments. This time, the only way to preserve your future is to fight it.

Additionally, Exophase posted Trophies for Max Payne. Since it doesn’t include a Platinum, expect it to cost $9.99. Currently, a release date is unknown for Max Payne on PS4 (the European PlayStation Blog mistakenly listed it for March 1 earlier this week).

Will you be getting Rise of the Kasai?

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