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Bandai Namco Still Undecided on Tekken X Street Fighter Release Window

Little has been heard of Tekken X Street Fighter since its initial announcement in 2010 except for fans being reassured on numerous occasions that it’s well into development. However, don’t expect a release window anytime soon because Bandai Namco still hasn’t decided when the crossover title will be out. Tekken 7’s Senior Game Designer, Michael Murray, said in a recent interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine:

It’s still in development, but as far as a release window we haven’t really decided on that.

With Bandai Namco currently involved in Tekken 7, which is due to be released on the PlayStation 4, it remains to be seen when Tekken X Street Fighter will make it onto store shelves. For its part, Capcom has already released Street Fighter X Tekken for last-gen consoles. 

Any guesses when we’ll see Tekken X Street Fighter?

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