French Distributor Clarifies PlayStation 4.5 Release Statement

French distributor Innelec Multimedia yesterday claimed Sony’s mid-generational hardware upgrade PlayStation 4.5 would be out by October 2016 — only to retract the statement a mere 24 hours later.

Initially slating that console — codenamed PlayStation 4K/ NEO — to arrive during the first half of its fiscal year, Innelec’s financials indicated that Sony may be aligning the alleged system for a launch just before PlayStation VR hits the market in October. 

Here’s an extract from the now-pulled report: “The 2016/2017 current year should be marked for the video game world by the arrival, in the first half of our fiscal year, an evolution of the Sony PS4 console with the Neo 4K with new features and that the placing on the market in October 2016 virtual reality helmet Sony VR.”

Walking back those claims, Innelec now “denies any official information about the launch of a PS4K Neo. It’s possible that during the fiscal year 2016/2017, some evolutions could happen on the current PS4, but we don’t have any information about their nature for the time being.”

What do our readers make of the alleged release window for PlayStation 4.5?

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