It’s OK if You Never Type This Game’s Real Name

Look I’m going to be honest with you here, no one will fault you if you’re not cruising around the Internet typing √ every time you want to say the “Root” in this game’s title — which, incidentally, is √Letter.

Even in Japanese, right after the inane √Letter, they’ve got katakana right there to tell people how to actually fucking say it. It’s listed as √Letter ルートレター on all the Japanese pages and stuff. That last part says “rooooto retaa,” or “Root Letter,” which is what they should have just put out there anyway.

No one expects you to keep doing the proper ✓Root Letter way. Except wait, that’s not even the mathematical root symbol, that’s a check mark, and it will not do.

This piece of shit.

I have not typed that check-lookalike once this article. Instead I’ve been pasting it from the title of the YouTube video. Google tells me that I have to hold alt and press 251 to do it. You know what I’m never going to do in my life? That. Well and lots of other things: Skydive… see the Himalayas… learn to dance… be loved… but this isn’t about me. This is about √ and, by association, a PlayStation Vita visual novel called Root Letter.

That trailer up there has English subtitles. They autoplayed for me, but you may have to click the Closed Captioning options on the little YouTube options. You can watch it if you want to, but I won’t because I am fucking done.