Overwatch Retail Version Hitting Stores a Day Early on May 23

Although the servers won’t go live until May 24, you’ll be able to buy Overwatch a day early on May 23, Blizzard has confirmed.

Sending the details to GameSpot, Blizzard says Overwatch will be available on May 23 in retail stores, with a spokesperson adding, “We would like for all of the players to be ready to dive straight into the action when the servers go live, so retailers are going to begin selling the game when their stores open on May 23rd.”

As for the digital version of Overwatch, the PlayStation Store says it unlocks at 4pm PT/7pm ET on May 23 in North America. The European PlayStation Store only says it’s available on May 23 and doesn’t give a specific time.

Blizzard hasn’t said exactly when the Overwatch servers will be live on May 24.

If you do plan on picking up Overwatch next week, don’t forget that cheating will earn you a permanent ban.

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