Overwatch Update 1.02 Is 9.6GB on PS4, Includes New Maps & Modes

With retail stores selling Overwatch today, it’s been revealed that the day one update (listed as 1.02 on PlayStation 4) is a 9.66GB download. Reports also suggest the Xbox One update is around the same size.

As the PS4’s Update History shows, the Overwatch patch adds new modes, new maps, and more:

  • New Escort Map: Route 66
  • New Control Map: Ilios
  • New Play Mode: Custom Game
  • New Play Mode: Competitive Play
  • New Play Mode: Weekly Brawl!
  • New Feature: Highlights
  • Updated new player experience

If you’re getting the digital version of Overwatch, pre-loading is available on all three platforms. You’ll then be able to play it at 4pm PT/7pm ET today when the servers go live.

Asked if you can use the same files from the beta for full release, Blizzard replied, “For PC, yes. It will auto-update. For consoles it’s a separate file.”

According to an Overwatch news feed, the first big content update should arrive late next month with the competitive mode.

Will you be playing Overwatch today? If so, be sure to check out our Beginner’s Guide.

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