Spoiler Alert – Uncharted 4 Ending, Final Boss Fight, & Epilogue

Hello everyone, and welcome to “Spoiler Alert,” a PlayStation LifeStyle original feature that gives the PSLS community a safe place to come and discuss spoilers about various games, while providing spoiler-filled videos of the endings and other major plot points. If you want to see the latest games’ endings and talk about it, you’ve come to the right place!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is Naughty Dog’s conclusion to the Uncharted series. The game has received critical acclaim from just about everyone for its near perfect presentation, and the ending is lauded as a perfect conclusion to the series. Most places on the internet are trying to be as spoiler free as possible though, and we want to give you an open place on PlayStation LifeStyle to discuss Uncharted 4’s story in a safe zone.   

Be warned, from here forward there are major spoilers for Uncharted 4. If you don’t want to be spoiled, turn away now. If you haven’t read our SPOILER FREE review, you should click here to go check it out. 

Here’s a picture of Nathan Drake gazing upon the spoilers that are the ending of Uncharted 4 lying in wait just below.   

Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake

The video below is a long one, consisting of the final boss fight with Rafe, the ending, and the epilogue that takes place about 10 – 15 years later. We were going to separate them into different videos, but due to the narrative nature of the game, we opted to leave them all together as one. 

Obviously, Nathan Drake does not die as many had anticipated he might. In fact, none of the main characters are sacrificed in this thief’s ending. The way that Naughty Dog concluded his story was by using the epilogue to jump forward in time, showing that Nate and Elena had led a relatively normal life and have a daughter. I’ll have my own deeper retrospective piece looking into the Uncharted 4 as the end to the series, but we want to give you all the opportunity here to watch the ending and discuss it below.

What do you think of Uncharted 4’s ending? Did it satisfy you as the end to the series or did it just leave you wanting more? Were you expecting a more dramatic conclusion? Feel free to discuss Uncharted 4’s story and ending below, and stay tuned for PlayStation LifeStyle’s next Spoiler Alert feature to discuss spoilers on the biggest games. 

“Spoiler Alert” is a feature from PlayStation LifeStyle that showcases the latest games’ ending(s), and gives the community a safe place to come and discuss spoilers with other people. If you want to see the latest game endings and talk about it, you’ve come to the right place.

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