Overwatch Now at Over 10 Million Registered Players

Blizzard seems to have struck gold with Overwatch and it’s keeping on giving so far. Remember how earlier this month we reported that Overwatch already had over seven million gamers playing the game?

Well, that number has been eclipsed this soon, as the game now has over 10 MILLION registered users and counting! This was revealed by the official Overwatch Twitter with the following message:

Now that’s a lot of players! I’m presuming this is for all three (PS4, Xbox One and PC) platforms, which is still impressive regardless.

In other Overwatch news, check out the complete details on how you can accrue a “leaver penalty” as detailed by Blizzard. Also, the studio is still keeping a lookout for cross-platform play possibilities.

Do you think the Overwatch train will slow down anytime soon? Or will Blizzard continue its assault on the first-person shooter genre to make Activision and EA stand up and take notice?

[Source: Overwatch (Twitter)]