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Hideo Kojima on Death Stranding: “Still Far From Being Released,” Death Is About to Have a New Meaning

In a recap of some of the big information to come out of all the media interviews Hideo Kojima did at E3 2016, Kojima Productions revealed that Death Stranding is “still far from being released,” and the teaser you saw at Sony’s press conference was completed in under three months.

Kojima started off by giving some backstory about the game and teaser:

In our teaser we featured both the “connecting strands” of handcuffs/umbilical cords and also stranding of whales. Of course, there are also other hints in there. The “dog tags” being one of these. Our game is still far from being released but the “game” has already begun. What are you able to spot?

In the short time after starting KojiPro, we’ve been able to find people, build an environment to work, looked into tech, started up a project and finish this teaser. After making games for 30 years, I’m not worried at all. And to back us up we’ve had both Mark (Cerny), Kyle (Cooper) and the people of Sony’s “strand.”

Of course, a “strand” also connects us to Norman Reedus. Thanks to this, we were able to finish this teaser in just 2.5 short months. He was kind enough to help us out and be part of this strenuous process.

He continued by talking about some of the game’s new concepts and what should and shouldn’t be different:

From the days of coin operated games have had a continue option if you were to fail at your mission. Failing would also mean the death of your game character. In making a game, both in story and in the game system you depict death. However, “death” is about to have a new meaning.

Still, the main parts of playing will not change. Comparing it to driving; driving a car you’re familiar with will have the same familiar feeling when accelerating or braking. It’s when driving this “familiar” car without stress for a while that you’ll first notice the difference. That’s the kind of game it needs to be.

Kojima then discussed sticks and ropes and one of his favorite authors:

He finished up by saying, “With technology advancing as far as it has; dividing games into genres like “Action” or “RPG” doesn’t sound too forward thinking but, Death Stranding should be a new “genre.”

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