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Sony, EA & Microsoft Confirm They Aren’t Holding gamescom 2016 Press Conferences

After all three had big showings at E3 2016 last month, Sony, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft have announced that they won’t be hosting press conferences at gamescom 2016 in mid-August.

Sony’s confirmation comes from French site JeuxVideo, who were given this response from PlayStation France when asked about a press conference: “There will be no PlayStation conference at gamescom.”

So, for a second year in a row, Sony won’t be holding a press conference at the event. However, they will be present on the show floor, showing off some PlayStation 4 games.

With Sony not holding a press conference at gamescom, expect their European briefing this year to happen at Paris Games Week in late October again.

As for EA, they said, “We will not be hosting a press conference this year,” but they will be throwing a Grand Opening event on August 16 in their booth where attendees can play their games.

While Microsoft held a gamescom press conference last year, they won’t be doing it again this year. Instead, they’re “planning a new and more intimate Xbox FanFest experience for our fans across Europe and worldwide attending gamescom 2016” where upcoming titles will be playable.

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