Report: Amazon Spain Listed a PS4 for Release on October 13, Priced at €399.99 (Update)


Amazon Spain has since changed the listing title to “PlayStation VR,” though it’s worth noting they already have another listing for PlayStation VR.

As Amazon Spain told PCMag, the listing for the new PS4 console was an error and it was always meant for PSVR, “but a poor choice of wording has led it to being misreported as Neo,” they said.

Original Story:

According to an image captured by VGLeaks, Amazon Spain listed a PlayStation 4 for release on October 13, priced at €399.99.

Although most of the listing has since been removed, the description still lists an October 13 release date.


With the PS4 Neo reportedly still releasing this year – and an announcement coming by September – Amazon Spain’s listing is likely for the new PS4 model. Additionally, if the listing proves to be accurate, it would be out on the same day as PlayStation VR for the same price as the core bundle.

Since EU prices typically line up with USD prices, Neo (or whatever the listed PS4 ends up being) could cost $399.99 USD – $50 more than the current PS4’s price.

Sony has confirmed the PS4 Neo’s existence, but have yet to officially unveil it. Once they give out official details, we’ll let you know.

Do you think PS4 Neo will launch on October 13?

[Source: Amazon Spain via VG Leaks, NeoGAF]