Sony’s Jim Ryan Refuses to Rule Out PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Platform Support

Thanks to CD Projekt Red, cross-platform play is a point of contention that was ushered back into the spotlight soon after E3 2016, when The Witcher 3 dev outlined its desire to implement cross-play into Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. 

Potentially following in the footsteps of Psyonix after it seemingly introduced the feature in Rocket League within a few hours, it’s yet another example of a notable studio taking strides to bring the audiences of PS4 and Xbox One closer together. 

Addressing that growing demand for cross-play, Sony’s Global Sales and Marketing Head Jim Ryan told IGN that it’s “really down to the developer and publisher.”

“There’s been a lot of noise about this recently. There were certain statements made at E3. But our position has always been that we’re receptive to this. It’s something we’ve been doing for many years now. I think we started with cross-platform initiatives on PS2 in fact, in the early network days of that. There are a number of instances on PS3: when you upgraded from the PS3 to the PS4 generation on GTA V you could take your save cross-platform, we’ve also seen it with Final Fantasy.

“We’re completely open to this. It’s really down to the developer and publisher of a certain game to come and talk to us and we’re ready to have that conversation.”

What do our readers make of the proposition of cross-platform play? 

[Source: IGN]